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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Maybelline's The Eraser Eye

Since having my little man, I probably haven't had more than about 6 hours sleep a night. After the initial few weeks, which meant on average 4 hours a night, I started to develop seriously dark circles under my eyes.

I basically look like I've been punched in both eyes. Very attractive. Therefore, a good under eye concealer has been on my "to buy" list for a while. I was all set to spend a fair chunk of change on one, and go for a Bobbi Brown or Nars concealer, that I've heard such rave reviews about, but then, I thought I would just check the high street one more time, to see if they had anything relatively close to offer.

Just as I had given up swatching, my eye fell upon a Maybelline product I had never seen before. Behold, Maybelline's The Eraser Eye! A slimline but chunky enough to hold tube, with a sponge applicator. It comes in 2 shades, light and that definitely needs improving on! I picked up the nude shade, which seemed to suit me. To get the product out of the sponge applicator (not the most hygienic way to apply make up) you have to twist the base. It takes about 50 clicks to get the product out, but when it does, you only need to twist it once to get plenty of product.

The formulation is light and cooling and applies easily. Its coloured pigments perfect the under eye area covering flawlessly. Enriched with Goji Berry the formula cares for the eye area that suffers most from a sleepless nights! Once applied under the eye, I just blended it in gently with my fingers or a buffing brush and then applied foundation or tinted moisteriser on top as normal.

Overall, for £7.99 this is a great little product. It definitely gives more coverage that I thought and blends perfectly into the skin and leaves my eyes feeling hydrated. I probably will need to invest in a more heavy duty product at some point, which will cost me more, but for now, this is perfect and easy to pop into my (changing) bag for when I'm on the go.

Have you tried The Eraser Eye? What do you think? Enjoy x

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