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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Beyonce Goes Pixie!

Is there a look Beyonce can't pull off?!

Yes another day and another post about Beyonce...sorry about that!

My pop idol posted pics of herself on Instagram this morning sporting a stunning new hair do...Queen Bey has gone pixie.

Proving she doesn't need her trademark mane of golden locks to look fierce, this gamine new do makes Beyonce look chic and sophisticated, with a nod to old school Hollywood glamour.

Posting images of herself showing her new do from all angles, this new look has sparked comparisons with Rihanna's signature crop, but in this flattering honey blonde shade and worn slightly softer than RiRi, this is a look purely of her own.

Now, I'm planning on cropping my hair in the next month and I just want to put it out there that I was planning on doing it for ages and it's not just copying Bey...although she proves going short is fabulous.

What do you  think of Beyonce's new look? Are you a fan? Enjoy x

Images taken from Beyonce's official Instagram page

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  1. Whoa! Love that she went for it! I can vouch for you! You were going to go short months ago! Love ya! xoxoxox