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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Kristen Stewart Named World's Best Dressed Woman...WTF?!

So here's a headline I thought could never come into existence...Kristen Stewart, the moody, sullen gal who has bagged one of the world's most gorgeous men, has been named "World's Best Dressed Woman" in a recent poll by Glamour magazine...queue very confused and shocked face!

The girl who never smiles beat beauties such as our very own Princess Kate, Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift, all of whom made the top 5. The magazine stated that she tops the list due to her "personal rock chick style." Please! Lily Allen was rocking trainers and dresses years ago!

I really don't get this. The girl doesn't even  dress herself for the red carpet...a team of stylists does! If you want to see her real style, check out her pap pics...really not very impressive. Kind of dirty looking and very Avril Lavigne in her popular days...yawn! Cue the likes of Kate Middleton, Emma Stone and Alexa Chung though on their non red carpet days and you see a very different definition of personal style, that is both individual, trendy and uniquely stylish.

To further prove my point, here are a few pics of Miss Stewart...Best Dressed? Let's see shall we?

Need I say anymore?!  

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