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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What I've Been Up To Recently

Sorry for the long absence...The last couple of weeks have been manic. I've finished work, ready for maternity leave, had my baby shower, Darren's birthday, lots of writing, seeing friends and family, obsessing over Beyonce at the Super Bowl half time show and basically doing as much as possible, as the countdown to Titch's arrival is now just over 3 weeks! How has that happened?!

It's been a really busy but fun couple of weeks and getting everything ready for Titch's arrival is exhausting, but enjoyable at the same time. It feels like I'm playing house, or we're playing mummies and daddies...weird!

Anyway, here is a little round up of what I have been up to recently. How has your last week been? Been up to anything fun? Enjoy x

Decorating Titch's room

Baby Jonah meets Great Grandma Rose for the first time

Celebrating Darren's birthday at my favourite restaurant - Banners in Crouch End

Mmmm...mammoth Greek salad and garlic chips at Banners

Hanging out with my gorgeous nephew

My baby shower cake

Baby shower spread - including surprise cupcakes from my besties in LA

Amazing present from one of my best friends, Tola

Bump at 36 weeks

The best wallpaper ever - at The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch

Red Velvet cake in Brick Lane bakery

Dad and Darren putting the cot together

Lusting over more cakes in Spitalfields Market

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