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Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Gelish Nail Experience

The amazing selection of Gelish nail colours

When I was contacted by the gorgeous Katie - a fabulous beauty therapist - to see if I wanted to try out a new manicure experience called Gelish, I jumped at the chance. Firstly because at 38 weeks pregnant, I am in no position to turn down a spot of pampering and secondly, because it is a manicure I haven't heard of before and I was very curious.

The lovely Katie

I had my appointment yesterday and considering I am very particular about my nails, and I love to change the colour almost weekly, I actually fell in love with this treatment.

Katie presented me with the huge selection of Gelish nail polish colours and asked me to choose my shade. This was actually really hard, as there were so many stunning colours that I fell in love with. I almost opted for one called "Bella's Vampire" (no prizes for guessing the inspiration behind this one) but in the end, I wanted something, which would make me believe that spring will soon be here, so I went for a stunning bright coral called Tiger Blossom.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what Gelish nail polish is, here is a little lowdown...

Gelish gel polish is the world's first hybrid gel hybrid gel product. It applies like a polish but has the strength of a gel. Like a gel polish, Gelish lasts between 2 - 3 weeks, so is perfect if you're going on holiday or if you want a low maintenance manicure, which will last. It is also chip free, so added bonus there! Another great benefit is that there is no drying time - once your nails are painted, you pop them under an LED light and your nails are dry in seconds! I haven't tried it yet, but to take the Gelish polish off, you need to use acetone remover, which you soak onto cotton wool, you then wrap each finger with the cotton wool and pop some tin foil over the top to seal it. Leave your nails for 10 - 15 minutes and the polish should then be able to be buffed off easily.

So there is the background behind the polish. Katie was great - she cleaned up my nails, buffed them and tidied up my cuticles, before applying the Gelish base coat and then 2 - 3 coats of the gorgeous Tiger Blossom polish. Once dry, Katie applied a top coat and I was left with stunning, super glossy coral nails. After popping them under the LED light for 10 seconds, my nails were completely dry, and I was able to rummage around in my bag, with no fear of smudging or chipping. I am officially in love with Gelish!

As an incentive to get you to try this fabulous manicure, Katie is offering £5 off your first Gelish treatment (usual price £25). Simply quote: "Belle of the Ball" when booking. To make an appointment and to check out the other treatments Katie has on offer (everything from massage, facials, spray tans and more) visit her website by clicking here.

Here are her contact details:

Twitter: @Katie_Beauty

Have you ever tried the Gelish manicure? What did you think of it? Enjoy x

Katie prepping my nails

Tiger Blossom (middle swatch)

Katie applying the Tiger Blossom Gelish polish

The polish (excuse swollen preggo fingers)

Loving my new Gelish nails! Thanks Katie

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  1. Gelish offer by far the best colour range. All of my clients at GelMe prefer it to the competitors.