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Thursday, 3 January 2013

I Love Lola!

I love a beautiful perfume. I'm one of those girls who always asks a stranger what perfume she (or he) is wearing if they smell amazing - yes this is a tiny bit weird, but who doesn't love a compliment?!

Since become a perfume lover, I have tried many different fragrances, ranging from the classic Coco by Chanel, Miss Dior and J'adore by Dior to Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker (all past favourites of mine). However, there has been one brand, which I am drawn to time and time again, thanks to the gorgeous scents and equally gorgeous bottles and packaging - Marc Jacobs.

So far, I have tried all of the fragrances in the Marc Jacobs range. Daisy was my first and the main reason I fell in love with the range. Feminine, sweet and yet not too girly and the bottle, well, when you see the lids on these bottles, you cannot mistake them for anything other than a Marc Jacobs perfume (I love them so much that even when I have finished the perfume, I - reluctantly - throw out the bottle and keep the lids).

This year, I was treated to Dot for my birthday, the newest fragrance in the range, and I do love it - sweet ladybird inspired bottle and soft, fresh summer scent, but I do feel it is more of a summer fragrance. When sampling Dot I also tried out Lola, and I instantly fell in love. It is by far my favourite fragrance of the collection, and having been given a bottle for Christmas, I now spray this stunning scent on myself and my scarves, so I can continue to smell it throughout the day.

It really is one of those scents, which makes you stop and ask what it is. The perfume is described as: 

Opening with fruity topnotes of delectable bright pink peppercorn, seductive pear d’anjou and succulent ruby red grapefruit. The ultra-feminine heart is highlighted by the lavish fuschia peony with soft touches of rose and geranium, while the base lingers on the skin, exuding a warm and seductive aura with enveloping notes of smooth vanilla, tonka bean and creamy musk.

The bottle and lid are also adorable and just as gorgeous as every other perfume in the range. A beautiful purple bottle with a large pink and purple flower lid - not sure which flower, but I'm going to go with a peony.

I don't normally rabbit on about one particular perfume or product in particular, but I have fallen head over heels in love with Lola and I wanted to share it with you!

Have you tried Lola before? Are you a fan of Marc Jacob's perfumes and his iconic bottle designs? Enjoy x

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