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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Glee's Chris Colfer Looks Hot for Mr Porter

I've been meaning to post about this for a while, as the interview came out a couple of weeks ago, but things got a bit busy!

I am a massive GLEEK! I am not ashamed to admit it - I love Glee, the cheesiness, the music, the characters, the writing, everything, and I was in tears when the recent series came to an end, and many of my favourite characters left...sniff.

On of my favourite characters, right from the start, is the gorgeous Kurt Hummel, played amazingly by Chris Colfer. The poster boy for gay teens and an absolute fashionista and diva, the character of Kurt took a place in every Gleek's heart.

I was so excited then when I saw some gorgeous pics of Chris on men's fashion site Mr. Porter. Chris gave an interview to Mr. Porter, where he unveils some distressing facts about his teenage years, and the times at school when he was bullied for being gay. He also revealed his love and talent of writing, how he originally went for the role of Artie in Glee, but the writers were so impressed, they wrote the character of Kurt for him, and more about his family life.

It's obviously fab getting to know more about the man behind the quiff, but, if I'm being honest, the photoshoot is amazing. Chris looks suave, sexy, stylish and gorgeous! Dressed in designers from Alexander McQueen to Lanvin, Chis Colfer looks every inch the style icon Kurt Hummel aspires to be!

What do you think of this shoot? Are you a Glee fan? Enjoy x

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