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Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Little LUSH Haul

I think I have bleated on about my love of LUSH in several blog posts.

It's not just because I used to work there to fund my summer holidays, but I genuinely LOVE their products. From bath bombs to bubble bars, natural face masks to massage bars, I can always spend ages in a LUSH shop, contemplating the products and leaving with a massive bag full of gorgeous smelling goodies.

I popped into my local LUSH during my lunch break this week - a sweet little shop on South Molten Street just off Oxford Street - to treat myself to a bath bomb or two.

a selection of gorgeous bubble bars

impulse buys by the till

Although I know a lot of the products very well, it's been a while since I worked there, so when one of the sale assistants asked if she could help, I took up her offer. Her name is Sammy and not only was she super cheerful, friendly and smiley, but her knowledge of the products and of essential oils etc was amazing!

The lovely Sammy

fizzing bath bombs

I was after products mainly for relaxing baths, so Sammy showed me around and talked me through all of the products which she thought would be beneficial. She spent a good 20 minutes with me, despite the store being busy, and after I selected 5 fabulous bubble bars, Sammy then offered me as many free samples as I wanted. I came out with my 4 bubble bars and samples of Cosmetic Warrior face mask (perfect for eliminating spots and blemishes), Dream Cream body cream (leaves your skin super soft and smelling of lavender), Lemon Flutter cuticle butter (leaves cuticles and nails in gorgeous condition) and Sea Vegetable soap (combines seaweed and lemon oil) - I could have had more but I actually felt bad taking so much!

so many fabulous products
Here is what I treated myself to:

Ceridwen's Cauldron - a luxury bath melt filled with a slow melting oil, which melts gorgeously in warm water, leaves it smelling beautiful and slightly like a meadow in summer time! This melt comes in a little pouch and when the oil has melted, you are left with a pouch full of oats, which can be used as a soft body scrub.

French Kiss - a fab bubble bar which will have you dreaming of a French lavender field! This pretty bubble bar makes loads of foamy bubbles and smells of pretty lavender. Each bar comes with a stick of fresh lavender too. Mmmmm!

Amandopondo - a simple bubble bar which smells of rose and lemon. So simple but so good! Each bar comes with a dried rose bud in the centre to add to the floral effect.

Rose Jam - this bubble bar is super fruity - it has a pretty rose scent with a touch of strawberry jam. Yum! It also has lemon to bring clarity, geranium oil to balance the skin and coconut oil and shea butter to help soften the skin. So nice!

Have you shopped at LUSH before? Make sure you pop into the South Molten branch, and be sure to ask for Sammy! Enjoy x

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