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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Nails Inc Couture

When I went to visit my lovely friend Sarah the other day, she presented me with a belated birthday present.

I knew she was excited about it because she has been telling me how excited she was about it for about a month before my birthday!

She handed me a beautiful white glossy box with black ribbon around it and immediately my eyes fell upon the "Nails Inc" logo and the "Couture" stamp on the front...heart rate went a little faster at this point.

I opened the box and inside was a simply stunning glittery gold nail polish, nestled snuggly in its packaging. The gorgeous gold glitter polish would have been gift enough, but what I didn't realise was that this was a personalised bottle of polish, designed by Sarah. The lid is an amazing black leather with chunky silver studs! So me! The colour is actually called Chelsea Embankment and then I looked at the base of the polish, and darling Sarah had named it after me - "B'day Belle" and the product code "CBF 30" (those are my initials and yes my age!)

I was so blown away by this incredibly thoughtful and personal gift and I absolutely love it. Sarah then told me about the Couture service that Nails Inc provide online, so I checked it out when I got home. It is an amazing thing to do for someone, of they love nail varnish as much as I do. You start by choosing your lid design, then the colour and then you personalise the name. You also get little stickers to add to the base if you want to.

What do you think of my very own nail polish? Didn't Sarah do well? Enjoy x

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