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Friday, 1 March 2013

Blue vs. Pink

After my amazing Gelish manicure experience, which I was treated to 2 weeks ago, I decided that after 2 weeks, I was ready for a change.

Even though the manicure lasts up to 3 weeks, and I had yet to have a single chip, and I adored the colour of my nails, I usually change my nail colour every I am a bit nail polish obsessed and tend to buy a new shade every week!

Anyway, I took the polish off yesterday and started contemplating what colour to go for...considering Titch can arrive any day, I wanted to realistically paint my nails the colour they would be for the birth...obviously a very important decision! But what colour to go for? If I knew Titch was a boy, I would go for a gorgeous blue, navy or green. However, if I knew Titch was a girl, it would be a pretty shade of pink or lilac. But, as we have gone 40 weeks without knowing the sex, it made my decision a bit tricky.

The simple answer? Half and half! I went through my polish collection and settled on a beautiful baby blue by Nails Inc. called Sheraton Street, which I received as a Secret Santa present at Christmas and a sweet baby pink by Collection 2000 called Marshmallow, which I haven't actually used before. The end result - a pretty pastel effect, which will be perfect for welcoming in either Titch girl or Titch boy! 

Nails Inc. Sheraton Street 

Collection 2000 Marshmallow

Now, hopefully it won't chip before the big day! What do you reckon? Was this a good choice of colours? Enjoy x

What's it going to be?

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