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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Animal Magic

I have a rather childish obsession with faux fur and knitted novelty animal hats, scarves and gloves. I realise that they sometimes do make me look like an over grown toddler, but I really don't care! My husband is well aware of this obsession, and tried to take it upon himself last year to choose an animal themed pair of gloves from Anthropologie - or what he thought was a pair of gloves. Bless him, they actually turned out to be two knitted puppets. A story, which has gone down as one of his best moments yet! Oh well, he tried, and now he knows only to go for ones, which I have already noted ;o)

Yes Darren...they are obviously puppets!
Every winter, I keep my eyes peeled and always seem to add a selection to my birthday and Christmas wish lists. I don't know what it is about them, but I just find them so cute and cosy. They also make me feel all Christmassy, which is an added bonus!

I love how the high street have picked up on the Spirit Hood phenomenon. If you're not aware of Spirit Hoods, check out my write up on them, which I did last year, here. You can now treat yourself to a snug bear hood, cosy teddy earmuffs, cute owl bobble hats and loads more.

I have done a round up of some of my favourite pieces below, and yes, I will be putting a couple on my Christmas wish list. Maybe not the Spirit Hood though, as they can set you back over £100!

What do you think of the animal accessory craze? Will you be putting any of these on your wish list? Enjoy x

Teddy bear hat M&S £19.50

Animal print earmuffs Accessorize £18

Bear earmuffs £13

Hood scarf New Look £14.99

Fox hat Accessorize £17

Animal hood River Island £32

Owl hat M&S £19.50

Brown rabbit Spirit Hood £126

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