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Friday, 25 November 2011

French Martinis and French Manicures Courtesy of Chambord!

Although I am not really a big drinker, I do love a berry flavoured tipple once in a while, and when I do indulge, I love to mix it up with some Chambord, an amazingly tasty black raspberry liqueur that can be combined a hundred different ways to create various yummy cocktails. Chambord also has a strong connection to the fashion industry and often works with various events around fashion week – another reason to take note of this stylish liqueur!

I was therefore excited when I received and invite about an event being hosted by Chambord this week, enticingly called “French Martinis and French Manicures.” The name intrigued me so much that I decided I had to check it out. Very simply, this event is a girly girl’s dream. Chambord is looking to attempt the most French manicures in an hour! A record breaker that every girl would hope to get into the Guinness Book of World Records!

So here is the lowdown on this glamorous record breaking event: Chambord held this event of French martinis and French manicures at London’s swanky Haymarket hotel on Wednesday 23rd November.

Chambord together with a team of expert beauty therapists attempted to set a record for the most French manicures to be painted in one hour! Phew! After having indulged in a beautiful French manicure, all the ladies who attended the event were to be treated even further to a French martini (or two!) – never had one before, but I can’t wait! It consists of Chambord, vodka and pineapple juice. Sounds amazing! So yesterday my model and blogger friend Tola and I went along to the event to check it out.

First of all, the hotel was amazing. Beautiful, contemporary, luxurious but not pretentious! We were greeted and shown into the room where the manicures were taking place…and it was girly heaven! Two lines of tables with about 20 girls getting French manicures done at a time. We signed up at a table and waited our turn, indulging in the gorgeous canap├ęs and delicious French martinis – made from Chambord – as we waited. 

When it was our turn, we sat side by side and were treated to a French manicure by beauty therapists, who were absolutely lovely too! They used nailgirl products, which I have never used before, but was really happy with the results. Our nails looked neat, polished and very chic! This is my first French manicure – I always opt for colour – and I am really happy with how they look.

The night ended with a second French martini and a gorgeous free Chambord umbrella. It was such a fun night and I hope the Chambord team start working on their next event soon. Here are some snaps of the event. Enjoy x


The Chambord Bar Staff

Gorgeous Tola enjoying a French Martini

Let the French Manicure-athon begin!

Lovely Lucie fro Eulogy PR who organised the event

Me and Lucie...Posing of course!

More posing!

Tola getting her nails did!

The result (ignore messed up nail in the middle!!)

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