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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Jessie J's Glam New Look!

I am a bit of a fan of Jessie J. I've kind of loved every song she has released and think her grunge/punk/funky-chic style is starting to rival that of Lady Gaga (well, almost, she has a little way to go yet!) I love a girl who isn't afraid to experiment with her style and is prepared to try "ugly-pretty" (like in her latest video - twisted mad hatter's tea party get it!)

So, when Jessie stepped out onto the red carpet for last night's Glamour Awards, you can imagine the shock when Miss J looked a bit different to her former self!

She looked demure, sexy and tres chic in a black D&G number. She looked much softer than normal, opting for soft wavy hair, pink lips and false lashes (no Union Jack lips - see below!) she looked retro and ultra feminine.

I'm not sure what I prefer. I love her crazy, eccentric style but this new sultry Jessie is pretty gorgeous too! Oh well, can't we have both? Enjoy x

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