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Friday, 17 June 2011

Art and Fashion Never Looked so Good Together!

This is something I just had to post about. I studied History of Art at uni and I absolutely adore the subject. I love going to galleries and museums and pondering the masterpieces for hours. So, how do I feel when two of my passions (art and fashion) come together? Very bloody happy and excited!!

Imagine my delight when I saw these incredible pictures of re-enactments of famous paintings by still life photographer Peter Lippmann and world renowned shoe genius Christian Louboutin. Each amazing masterpiece has a shiny new addition - a beautiful Louboutin shoe or handbag. The Louboutin shoe is a real thing of beauty and made with such care and such amazing craftmanship, that they really should belong in a museum!

The historic models depicted "embody the spirit of the Christian Louboutin woman; each portrait acts as a setting for key creations from the upcoming collection twinned with the artist who’s individual technique and subject defines their distinct character."

Here's a look at the campaign for the new AW2011 collection. Enjoy x

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