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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Nails

I've got a whole weekend of Christmassy fun planned, including hosting my annual Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve party (weird name, long story). So, I figured to save time on the weekend, when I will be mulling wine and make my delicious (if I do say so myself) hot apple cinnamon...yum...that I would do my nails now.

Hopefully they'll last me to Christmas day - if I have to touch up then so be it! I was puzzling over what to do, but as I have come into some new nail varnish additions to my collection recently, I thought I would use a few different ones to create a simple yet festive look.

Gold and red, sparkles and gems...perfect!

I used a combination of brands, including Rimmel, Maybelline, Nails Inc and new obsession, Nail Art (most exciting nail brand I've used in ages) to achieve the finished look. I didn't want to go too OTT, but I wanted them to have that pretty festive look.

So, here is what I did and what I used step by step. Are you going to do anything special with your nails for Christmas? Do you like playing around with a bit of nail art? Enjoy x

From left to right, I used: Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in The Winner Takes it All, Nails Inc in Covent Garden Market, Nails Inc in Fleet Street, Rimmel Lycra Pro in Pink Amazon and Nail Art 3 in 1 kit using the gold shade.

Rimmel Lycra Pro in Pink Amazon

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in The Winner Takes it All

Nails In in Covent Garden Market and Fleet Street (from the Stylist set)

Nail Art 3 in 1 pen (dotting tool for decorating, nail varnish and gems for decorating)

Step 1) After using my Essie bottom coat, I painted two coats of the Rimmel Pink Amazon shade on all my nails, apart from the third nail.

Step 2) I painted my third nail with two coats of the Maybelline The Winner Takes it All.

Step 3) Once the two shades dried completely I then used the Nails Inc Covent Garden Market (the red glitter) on the Rimmel shade and Fleet Street (the gold glitter) on the Maybelline shade. This gives them a gorgeous sparkly finish!

Step 4) Using the Nail Art 3 in 1 pen, I dotted little gold dots on the red nails and used the sweet little gems from the kit to decorate the gold nails.

Step 5) Once the nails are completely dry, I used my Essie top coat to finish the nails off and create the glossy finish. And there you have it...sparkly, festive Christmas nails.

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